January Celebration of Tones!

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For the month of January, All meditation and tones are 50% off! 

Meditation and Tones:
Sound Healing

Jeilene has been practicing and guiding meditations for years, but as she connected and worked in alignment with the Mantis she began to hear tones and vibrations.  She was guided to include these tones in healing sessions to help shift DNA expression and epigenetic factors, realign the body to its PRIME blueprint, and resolve energetic density.  Each meditation and accompanying tones are channeled for a specific purpose to help you align to your highest potential of health and well-being. 

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Getting Started with Toning

In this video, Jeilene offers easy ways to incorporate toning into your meditation practice and life to help calm your nervous system, raise your vibration, and clear your energy field. 

Healing with Tones

Vibrationally Match and Clear Specific Issues

Raise Your Frequency

Harmonize Your Energy Field 


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