Energy Fields

March Energy Update - Time to Reorganize our Interactions with the Environment


    Have you been experiencing extreme fatigue, increased hunger, forgetfulness, and fogginess lately?  Has it been hard to get out of bed and you're spending your nights experiencing wild dreams?  If so, you're not alone!  I can't remember the last time I noticed so many people commenting on the same symptoms at the same time.  

    If you've been tuning in to the details of the energy lately you may have noticed that it feels like a constant low humming or droning that's putting us all into a…

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February Energy Update - New Energy Attunements

feb energy

Have you noticed that you're connecting to your guides differently this past month, or feeling like you're not connected at all?  We're currently undergoing a reorganization of our energy fields and are relating to the field around us in a whole new way! 

Watch the video below as I take you through what's currently happening and how you can start to feel more connected and aligned again.  

Peace and love,


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Soothing the Collective - Meditation to Expand Peace, Love, and Acceptance for All


Thank you to everyone who joined us this evening for our meditation, it was wonderful to connect with you again!  If you missed the meditation or would like to repeat it, you can watch it here or on YouTube.

The intention of this meditation is to create unification, acceptance, peace, and love within ourselves and to share that vibrational frequency with all of the beings of the world.  

Peace and Big Love,


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January Energy Update & Live Meditation 1/20/21


January is positioned to be quite a transition month!  The winds of energy began sweeping in this weekend and whipping everything up creating a feeling of potential chaos and havoc – figuratively and literally – it was so windy last night I was unable to sleep as I listened to the trees shake and the Earth respond.  It’s not surprising given what the U.S. is currently experiencing – deep divisions of belief and thought that doesn’t seem to have any common ground.  It feels as though hatred, unac…

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Arcturian Energy Harmonization


Meditation and Tone Set Audio Only

More than ever, the Arcturians are making their presence known to many of us here on Earth. All summer, they have been bringing guidance to me and my clients from our future selves – who are Arcturians. They have explained that we are on an evolutionary path that is currently accelerating as Earth undergoes a massive acceleration of her evolutionary journey.

As part of Earth’s body, journey, and expression we are energeticall…

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